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La petite Allumette

Optical theater and wired puppet by Atelier Act3 (Vertou 44)

Inspired by Andersen’s tale,

La Petite Allumette is an intimate optical theater experience. A one-way mirror gives the illusion of reading space on one plane.

 Come discover a show

where stop motion and puppets interact in an image box, a space of poetic magic.

The little puppet,

taken away in her hallucinations, tells us her story;
A certain representation of the world’s state,
which passes through time as a resonance of human absurdity.


This show use VVVV for video, light and audio

Mixed with a puppet in a world of illusions,
it explores the gap between real interactions,
and virtual effects.


Artcraft Visuals – 2018 – for Charlotte Le Bec – Atelier Act3