The Art of Interaction

Artcraft’s projects are dedicated to events, with original contents
created through an artistic experience in 3d art and communication.
All visuals are realized with real time generative designs,
and are engineered with passion.

Heavent Awards 2023

Interactive Show with dancers, Kinect azure & Generative designs for Creative Motion & La compagnie Hybride

An interactive show on the stage of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. In this show, Kinect Azure is used to capture the movements and gestures of the dancers on stage, creating an interactive and dynamic performance.

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Lumipod 2023

A Dinner Experience at Heavent Meeting 2023
Made with Touchdesigner, Kinect azure & Ableton Live
for Creative Motion

The combination of the projector and Kinect Azure sensor can enable interactive experiences where the movements of the guests can trigger visual effects or animations. For instance, guests waving their hands could create ripples on a virtual pond projected on the table.

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An Interactive Experience with Kinect azure
& Touchdesigner for Creative Motion

It use Kinect Azure for real-time motion capture and create real-time 3D characters based on visitors’ movements. Video recording can be be easily shared on social media. The booth also integrate NFT minting, allowing visitors to create unique digital assets from their virtual experiences.

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Zoo TV 2019

Zoo Tv is a traveling creative workshop for children and adults mixing puppets and video.

Born from the overflowing imagination of Fabien Moretti (Atelier Zim, Cie La Mitaine) & Arnaud Cassone (Artcraft Visuals), Zoo Tv is the fruit of a collaboration combining their respective skills in a pedagogical and fun project.

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La Petite Allumette 2018

A puppet show using VVVV for video & light

Inspired by Andersen’s tale, La Petite Allumette is an intimate optical theater experience. A one-way mirror gives the illusion of reading space on one plane. Come discover a show where stop motion and puppets interact in an image box, a space of poetic magic..

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Visual Scenography & Engineering for Boostman Family 2018

Stage design – Engineering – Generative Art

Boostman Family is a Electro Pop Band Based in Toulouse, France. For his new project, West, we have developped a scénography with an original visual mapping show. Based on  a structure with 9 triangles, and a video projector placed on the top.

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FPS Engine Project

An interoperable project with VVVV & TD

A funny project realized in my free time. Based on a physic engine (VVVV + Bullet) and a graphic engine (Touch Designer) in interaction with GPU shared memory to send messages through the two engines.

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I.D.A.M 2016

Interactive Dance Audio Mapping

IDAM is a show based on a research of digital visualization about energy between dance and music, the scope is to explore a pristine tract of man machine interaction through motion capture systems.

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Sophia Digital Art 2015 – Valbonne (FR)

Stage design – Mapping – Generative Art

Sophia digital Art is an Audio Visual festival in south France. For the second edition of the festival, Artcraft is in charge of the main stage design. He perform his mapping show on the old school acid house veteran : Acid Kirk !

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Cave Electro 2014 – Geneva (CH)

Stage design – Mapping – Permanent installation

Permanent installation at La cave electro.
Located in the center of Geneva, the roof structure
is designed to receive video mapping with an automatic
realtime software.

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Geneva Stadium – Universe – 2013 (CH)

Stage design – Mapping – generative art

A stage mapping realized in september 2013 for Sema events in Geneva. I have used two powerfull beamers in front of the two stages to project on cubes and tubes and another one  to map on the roof.

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  • Artcraft Stage Design & mapping at Geneva stadium 2013
  • Artcraft Stage Design & mapping at Cave Electro 2014
  • Artcraft Stage Design & mapping at Geneva stadium 2013

Kinect and Lidar integration

Sensor Interaction Design

Specific modules and softwares

Modules and software creation for visual processing

Hardware & Electronic Prototyping

Additionnal sensors like accelerometers, gravitometers etc..

Research and development

3d softwares : Unity, Maya, 3dsMax and Xsi
Visual programing : Touchdesigner, V4, and Max/Msp
Coding : Python, html, C# & GLSL
Computer Vision : OpenCV & Nvidia C++

Artcraft expertise includes integrating Kinect, LiDAR and other sensors for interaction, designing interactions, 3D engineering, visual programming, virtual reality application design, and audio and video processing for stage use, drawing from a rich background as a 3D designer and VR software developer.

With 15 years of experience as a 3D designer and software developer, with a focus on virtual reality for 5 years .

  • 3d engineering
  • Visual programing
  • Virtual reality
  • Application design
  • Sensors integration