Video mapping on stage

Artcraft uses the latest technologies in realtime generative design to perform visual contents and mapping shows.

Audio reactive

All projects are realized with audio reactive behaviors, and permits real time modifications from all kinds of music.


Artcraft’s products are fully modulable and can be adapted to all sorts of installations regardless of size or style.

Stage mapping visuals

Artcraft’s projects are dedicated to events, with original contents
created through an artistic experience in 3d art and communication.
All visuals are realized without videos, only with real time generative designs,
and are engineered with passion.

Visual Scenography & Engineering for Boostman Family

Stage design – Engineering – Generative Art

Boostman Family is a Electro Pop Band Based in Toulouse, France. For his new project, West, we have developped a scénography with an original visual mapping show. Based on  a structure with 9 triangles, and a video projector placed on the top.

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Sophia Digital Art 2015 – Valbonne (FR)

Stage design – Mapping – Generative Art

Sophia digital Art is an Audio Visual festival in south France. For the second edition of the festival, Artcraft is in charge of the main stage design. He perform his mapping show on the old school acid house veteran : Acid Kirk !

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Cave Electro 2014 – Geneva (CH)

Stage design – Mapping – Permanent installation

Permanent installation at La cave electro.
Located in the center of Geneva, the roof structure
is designed to receive video mapping with an automatic
realtime software.

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Geneva Stadium – Universe – 2013 (CH)

Stage design – Mapping – generative art

A stage mapping realized in september 2013 for Sema events in Geneva. I have used two powerfull beamers in front of the two stages to project on cubes and tubes and another one  to map on the roof.

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Generative Design Experiments

  • Artcraft Stage Design & mapping at Geneva stadium 2013
  • Artcraft Stage Design & mapping at Cave Electro 2014
  • Artcraft Stage Design & mapping at Geneva stadium 2013

Kinect and Leap integration

Adding kinect to interact with visuals

Specific modules and softwares

Modules and software creation for visual processing

Infrared sensors and more...

Additionnal sensors like accelerometers, gravitometers etc..

Research and development

3d softwares : Maya, 3dsMax and Xsi
Visual programing : with TD, V4, and Max
Team managment : Artists and developers
Coding : html, C# and javascript

Artcraft is an experienced artist and developer. He has a 15 years of background like 3d designer and software developer in virtual reality since 5 years.

  • 3d engineering
  • Visual programing
  • Virtual reality
  • Application design
  • Sensors integration

Artcraft can develop all sorts of audio and video processing for using on stage, like visual instruments controlled by the entire body, laser harps, 3d positioning and triggering etc..