Artcraft Engineering

Arnaud Cassone aka Artcraft

Arnaud Cassone aka Artcraft

President, Artist, performer, developer

I’m Arnaud Cassone, I’m a 3d artist, a developer, a musician.
Digital art is my domain: virtual synths, and 3d softwares.
I dedicate my work to live events, because i really like it !

I invite you to explore my hive, where my unique perspective on
real-time 3D behaviors is seamlessly fused with electronic stage culture.

At Artcraft Engineering, a venture I founded in November 2022,
I combine my unique perspective on real-time 3D behaviors

Artcraft Engineering
121 rue de Cugnet
12120 Centrès, France

As a live performance provider and TouchDesigner specialist,
I bring my passion for creating immersive visual experiences to every project.
My experience in providing live visuals and spectacle design services has allowed me
to approach every project and collaborating closely to achieve client’s vision.

I hope you will enjoy to visit my website
and I’m looking foward to reading your feed-back.

Thank you.