Arduino Bluetooth Relay

Bluetooth Classic 220v Relay made with arduino
and a HC-06 bluetooth device.

Usefull to gate a power source to reconnect a device like a Kinect Azure.

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S-WATCH V0.984 Beta

Sound, EEG & Light Analysis on Windows & Android

It’s a real-time processing and analysis tool for sound, light and brain waves. It allows you to perform and edit SSR & SSVEP treatment protocols with great precision.

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S-WATCH V1.3 alpha

Sound & EEG Analysis with VVVV

It allows to record the brain waves and the concentration rate on a music or a waveform, and to make statistics using a system of crosstabs.

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VVVV DMX Multitrack Sequencer

A multi-track DMX sequencer produced for the Café-Théâtre Le Chabaret in Cannes. It manages the stage lights and the ambiance of the room. But it is fully configurable on the fly so usable in other setups.

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Thor Suite

A modular suite of OSC plugins for Ableton

Thor suite is designed to be modular, and allow the user to make it’s own system. The transport device allows to send all synchronisation data to the third party software. It  allows to have 8 tracks fully monitored with midi, frequency and dynamic, 8 tracks with tracking of clip names and a single spectrum analyser on the master, with a minimum latency over the network.

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A VR Simulation Software designed for industrial applications, allowing for the efficient evaluation of arduousness and potential hazards in the workplace.

Featuring advanced 3D cave and stereoscopic capabilities for a fully immersive experience and motion capture technology provides accurate and responsive movements for realistic simulations of assembly, repair, and feasibility assessments.


A VR Driving Simulation Software based on Theia-rt to manage lights perception and surface reflections.

This simulator provides a powerful lighting simulator, featuring advanced algorithms for accurate light reflection, material properties, and surface textures. it’s use a BRDF (bidirectional reflectance distribution function) rendering, to create and analyze lighting scenarios with accuracy and detail.


A 3d edition software dedicated to VR industrial design end material development.

Powered by advanced BRDF technology and 128 bit lighting capabilities, it enables users to create and manipulate 3D models in real-time, for industrial design applications. Designers can easily test and modify materials and surfaces to achieve the desired effect, reducing design time and improving overall project efficiency.