Sound & EEG Analysis

It allows to record the brain waves and the concentration rate on a music or a waveform, and to make statistics using a system of crosstabs.

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Interactive Dance Audio Mapping

IDAM is a show based on a research of digital visualization about energy between dance and music, the scope is to explore a pristine tract of man machine interaction through motion capture systems .

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FPS Project

A fun FPS project with VVVV & TD

A funny project realized in my free time. Based on a physic engine (VVVV + Bullet) and a graphic engine (Touch Designer) in interaction with GPU shared memory to send messages through the two engines.

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VVVV DMX Multitrack Sequencer

A multi-track DMX sequencer produced for the Café-Théâtre Le Chabaret in Cannes. It manages the stage lights and the ambiance of the room. But it is fully configurable on the fly so usable in other setups.

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